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However, there are changes due to administrative requests. We will keep you informed.

exhibition period

April 8-22, 2021


Coffee&chocolate Marley Higashi


​ Lydia Building 2F, 8-9 Minami 4-jo Nishi 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo

Telephone 011-520-7337

​One drink system. Please choose one drink per person from the menu.

Dear Customer,
​ Dear Sirs, We understand that you are having a difficult time due to the corona crisis. I would also like to express my deepest gratitude and respect to all medical workers, and my heartfelt sympathies to those who have been affected.
Well, it has been postponed from last year
, I would like to report that the scale of Kato Shoshin Self-Exhibition Ⅵ, which was held in February, will be expanded once again after all works have been released..

During the postponement period, we reworked our ideas and infection control measures for the event.
One of them isVideo gallery deliveryis.For distribution, after installation of all works is completed,
We will deliver with commentary on YouTube. Second,Workshop held via zoomI will. Both are new experiences and attempts for us, but we would like to do our best to provide content that you can enjoy.

Please note that the entire venue is a smoking restaurant. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we kindly ask that you refrain from visiting us, and to prevent the spread of infection, we ask that you cooperate with temperature measurement at the entrance and hand disinfection.
Thank you for your kind understanding, and we look forward to your visit and support. Very truly yours
Kato palm heart
Management staff

Thursday, April 8, 15:00-21:00
    9th (Fri) 18:30-23:00
    10th (Sat) 18:00-23:00

    11th (Sun) 15:00-21:00
12th (Mon) 18:00-24:00
13th (Tue) absent
    Wednesday 14th 17:00-23:00

    Thursday 15th 15:00-21:00
16th (Fri) 18:30-23:00
    17th (Sat) 18:00-23:00

    18th (Sun) 15:00-21:00
19th (Mon) 18:00-24:00
20th (Tue) absent
    Wednesday 21st 17:00-23:00

    Thursday 22nd from 18:00 to   3:00

Kato Shoshin Time in the gallery 

Thank you very much for coming.

Cooperation Japan Tobacco Inc.

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