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"By the way, enter the soul"®』 Water absorption coaster

A coaster with high water absorption and paint with extremely low deterioration,
I handwrite each one.
If you scan the QR code with your mobile device,
In addition to the explanation of the origin of the desired and specified characters,
​You can see the video during production.

This design with calligraphy and handwriting,

Let alone a reception, the hospitality at the banquet,

Coaster for restaurant regulars, ​

Souvenirs and gifts for overseas friends.

We are very happy to hear from you.

○ Price ○

1. “Ippitsu Nikora®” water-absorbing coaster 


¥3,700/ set (2 pieces)(tax included, shipping fee not included))

○ Size ○

Round 90mm diameter x 5mm

Dear ○

Ceramic specification water absorption

    Since it is written with a special paint,

    Characters do not blur or disappearyeah.
If it gets dirty,

If you soak it overnight in light bleach,


○ Options ○

Laser engraving within 40mm square is possible on the back side.
(Additional engraving fee per sheet: 200 yen)

datais available in .png, .jpeg format.


○ How to order ○

Please see below.

◯ Delivery date ○


7th to 21st

(Excludes shipping days.Number of sheetsSince there is a change depending onPlease contact us. )

Notice about the safety of our coasters

Thank you very much for your order.
It is a "water supply type coaster" that we are producing at our company.
Due to the recent news reports, we are receiving inquiries about your concerns.
From a manufacturer that manufactures coasters,
ofI received a report that it does not contain asbestos.

Our coasters are made of ceramic instead of diatomaceous earth.
We sincerely hope that you will be able to use our products with peace of mind. Worship

○ From order to deliveryFlow to product ○

1From the application form, please let us know the character you want for each piece.

    * Up to 3 characters can be written on each sheet.

2. Final confirmation, delivery date, delivery method, etc.

    We will send you an order confirmation email.
3Please check the details of your order confirmation.

FourDue to the nature of the product, payment is

    by bank transferadvance payment,orPayPalThere is a payment in
5. As soon as payment is confirmed, we will start production.
6. We will send you a completion email.
7. Shipping and Delivery


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