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Shinkeian Calligraphy Class

Shin-Kyou-Ann Japanese Calligraphy Lesson Room

晨慶庵 ​YC&AC教室

毎週木曜日 17:00〜18:00








継続1ヶ月4回 ¥7,260 随時予約 1回 ¥1,980



継続1ヶ月4回 ¥13,860 随時予約 1回 ¥3,630



継続1ヶ月4回 ¥6,050 随時予約 1回 ¥1,650




継続1ヶ月4回 ¥11,550 随時予約 1回 ¥3,080



☆  同条件での指導を行うため、当教室指定の墨汁、半紙代(各320円)


☆  随時予約の講義では、書道用具の貸出も承っております。

☆  成人コースへの級位、段位の授与はございません。

☆  大会参加時、別途参加費用をいただきます。


☆  講師個展、出張の場合、休講となります。

​☆  第五週​、お盆、年末年始は休講です。

☆  書道用具のご購入など、お気軽にご相談ください。


☆  ​非会員の生徒さんにおかれましては、当講座以外の施設内利用はできません。


Online calligraphy course

1.  This course uses ZOOM.

      (Please check the usage environment.)

2.  Once a month, we will distribute the model and correct it by mail.

      (Shipping costs are at your own expense.)

​3.  4 to 6 times a year, to the book competition held nationwide,
    I will participate.

Child course  3,500 yen(3,850 yen tax included)

​The early childhood course is up to junior high school students.
Adult course  6,500 yen(7,150 yen including tax)

40 minute lectures once a week, 4 times a monthis.

(​ See below.)

Please choose hard brush or calligraphy brush.
​ ``Today I will write with a brush, next time I will write with a hard brush.''

but it's okay! !

​Depending on your desired time,
Since it may be a joint lecture,

The schedule is

Let's consult and decide!

☆ There is no kyu rank or dan rank.

☆ At the start of the course, the position of the camera,

  Confirm the connection status in advance.

(This is not included in the monthly fee.)

☆ When participating in the tournament, a separate participation fee will be charged.

(About 500 to 1,000 yen)

☆ Classes will be canceled in the case of lecturer solo exhibitions and business trips,

according to your wishesWe will transfer it separately.

​☆ There are no classes on Sundays, fifth week ​, Obon, and New Year holidays.

​☆ For now, we ask that you pay your monthly fee by bank transfer.

☆ Please feel free to contact us about purchasing calligraphy tools.

We will give you an estimate.

​☆ Upon request, review commentary with video,

  There is also a 60 minute course.Please feel free to contact us.


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