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​Oinori brush writing

A motto, a word you loved, a word that changed your life.

Words are food and support people.
A baton that connects to the unbroken line,

Let's pass it along with the living proof.

I put my heart and soul into writing. ​

Memorial frame production

○ Price ○

1.Memorial frame production 

 [Same-day production, same-day or two-day delivery] 

Paper size ¥22,000 ~/work

 (tax included, shipping fee not included)

2. Making a memorial frame 

  Free size from ¥16,500/work

  (Tax included, framed, framed, shipping fee quoted separately)


For pre-production,
We will propose up to 3 patterns with handwritten calligraphy.

We will make a detailed estimate depending on the work content,

Please feel free to contact us first.


○ Remarks​ ○

For same-day delivery, it is a simple framed frame.
Please contact us regarding tailoring of the frame after delivery.

○ Flow from order to delivery ○

1.From the application form,

Please let us know the project name and desired format.

*If you are in a hurry,phoneandEmailWe will accept it at.

2. After conducting some hearings,

We will propose an image of the calligraphy and an estimate.

3. Final confirmation, delivery date, delivery place, etc.

We will send you an order confirmation email.
4.For payment procedures, please check here.
5. As soon as the desired payment method is decided, we will start production.
*If you are in a hurry, please contact us.Delivery within Kanto areaRegarding

As far as possible,Please visit the site for delivery.

*Please settle your account on-site. (cash payment only)

*Delivery fee will be charged separately.

▶︎  We also accept requests for large-volume projects such as address writing on envelopes and place cards.

▶︎  We also accept toba and talismans.

For temples and businesses,We will quote separately.


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