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You don't look the same from day to day.
May the appearance of the day engraved in your heart be a beautiful one.

​ Kato Shoshin's lifework is producing calendars.
The made-to-order calendar is one volume every year, praying for good luck and good health,
​Created by hand.

corporate calendar design

Sapporo​ From 2014

Company​custom-made calendar

Sapporo​ From 2014

Restaurant​custom-made calendar

Sapporo​ From 2020

Restaurant​custom-made calendar

Tokyo​ Bunkyo Ward From 2022

​ Reiwa 5th Year Green Rabbit 2023

Year of the Rabbit​ Calendar

Year 2022 Year 2022

year of the tiger

​ 2021

Ox year​ calendar

Year 2 of Reiwa Koshi Seven Reds 2020

year of the rat

​ First year of Reiwa 2019

year of the pig​ calendar

2018​ Dog nine purple 2018

2018​ Dog nine purple before 2018

calligraphy calendar

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