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thank you for having interest!

We are a Japanese supplier.Open in Sapporo, Hokkaido.
Beer is also famous, but it is also famous as a cold city.
If you can deliver a work that warms the hearts of your friends and loved ones from such a place, it is the best happiness for us.

Let ’s talk about how to order.

1. First, please send an email from the order form below.

    Please tell us what kind of work you want.

2. We will reply by email with an estimate of the work price, shipping cost and packing fee.

    Please wait for a few days.

3. If you are convinced, please reply with an understanding email.

4. We will reply with approximate delivery date and payment method.

    Send an email with payment method.
    Online payment methods are paypal, credit card and transferwise.
5. You will receive an email notification of payment completion.

    Once we have confirmed the payment from you, we will begin to make the work you ordered.

6. We will send you an email notification of completion and shipping completion.

    Please look forward to the arrival of the work.

Contact Us

Thank you for your inquiry.

Notices and disclaimers will be sent with e-mail.

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