Have a great experience of Japanese calligraphy! !

We wish you wonderful events in Sapporo of Japan.
Let's experience Japanese calligraphy as one of the choices.
No special knowledge or tools are required.
If you are interested in Japanese culture and characters, that is enough.
Let's create a memorable piece of work.
And the finished work can be finished carefully and brought back.
Let's have fun! !


Lesson date

Every Monday,Wednesday,and please inquire.

(Sunday and public holiday we will close.)


The end of the year and the beginning of the year, and the Obon(2019/8/13~16) closed.


90 minutes per person 

¥4,860 (tax included)
If two people make a reservation Two people in total ¥8,640

Contents of the lecture
1.Japanese calligraphy writing.

2.Write on a paper fan to make an original.
3.and more

Method of payment

[Credit card & Debit card]
VISA , Mastercard , American Express

[Cash payment]

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Shoushin Katou