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Corporate history

April 2012 Opened Shinkei-an calligraphy school in Ainosato, Kita-ku, Sapporo.

September 2018 Registered as a sole proprietorship as Studio Angym

Shopkeeper​ Kato Shoshin

Born in Sapporo. Started learning calligraphy in 1976.

He studied calligraphy until he moved to Tokyo in 1989, and then moved on to music production and musical activities.

1998 Returned to Sapporo.
The following year, after establishing a limited company for music production and musical instrument sales, he opened a restaurant.

2004 Leaves all business and moves to the United States.

Calligraphy performance for about 90 days locally,

Work production is carried out on the street.

After returning to Japan, in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, while managing and assisting restaurants,

Starting with Daishinshu Sake Brewery Toyonokura label calligraphy,
Belongs to an entertainment production as a calligrapher.
Companies, festival events, school lectures, TV program regular appearances,

Held an annual solo exhibition.

2011 Immediately after amicably canceling the contract with the entertainment production company,

Returned home after the Great East Japan Earthquake.

2012 Opened Shinkei-an calligraphy class.
After that, held a solo exhibition in Sapporo, managed a classroom, made a store signboard,

Worked on TV program title calligraphy, etc., to the present.

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